• This is Me Getting Out of My Comfort Zone (Vlog #5)

    The video is pretty self explanatory. In brief, my last breakup turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise, because my new beginning gave me the push I needed to take risks and do things I never would have done before. I realized that after doing things outside my comfort zone, I feel happy. Probably a good way to take care of mental health. Do you know of anyone who’s done drastic things after a breakup, like chopping off or dyeing their hair? It totally makes sense to me now. I feel that my body’s been like, hey, something’s different about me after the breakup.. so might as well…

  • How I Organized All My Clothes (Vlog #4)

    When I first discovered Marie Kondo I was obsessed. Pretty soon I had the most joy-sparking room ever, although I ended up moving out of that place not too long after. Oh well. I recently moved back home and found myself just piling things everywhere.. and then I recorded a far from glamorous video to share with you guys how I applied the KonMari tidying method to sort through all my clothes. Yes, all of them. The video is on the longer side but there was only so much I could cut out for the whole video to make sense. I also think it goes by pretty quickly – at least…

  • My 5-minute crazy job update (Vlog #3)

    Haven’t even started working yet but why is life so busy I don’t know. Maybe this is what adult life is all about – just go go go nonstop. Since my schedule has been crazy and it’s been harder than ever to find time for extra stuff, I recorded this short video during one of my drives today. I kind of like this 5-minute series I started. It makes blogging and vlogging so much less of a chore or obligation, and it keeps you updated on my personal development process which hopefully can aid your own personal development.

  • First Vlog Post?

    Was planning to write a blog post in the morning but I was on the go this morning, so I tried this driving/video thing instead. Please forgive me for being all over the place! 😛