A Few Productivity Articles Worth Skimming

Note: I will continue to add to this blog post whenever I come across an article I believe is worth sharing. Feel free to keep checking back regularly for updates! 🙂

One revelation I’ve had recently is that being productive does not equate to good time management. Here’s a New York Times article by Adam Grant that helps shed some light on what productivity actually means:
Productivity Isn’t About Time Management. It’s About Attention Management.

Here’s one article (4 minute read) that caught my attention, since I’m very much into aesthetics combined with functionality:
Your Productivity Hinges on How You Arrange Your Desk


Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial residing in Los Angeles, California. She's a little obsessed with personal development and is always learning and figuring out how to maximize her productivity without burning out. She believes a fulfilling and stress-free lifestyle is achievable for everyone.

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  • Good for you for making this website and instagram. After going through some major trauma and depression and grieving (which I’m still going thru, long story. Maybe we can chat one day)of losing my dad and other members of my family in the last couple of years, I can relate. We need to get awareness of mental health and self care out there! Great job Amy. -Ash