Taking Action Isn’t Hard

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The Un-Challenging Thing About Challenges:

Apologies for the lack of emails and blog posts for the past few weeks, but I am still here and have had you guys on my mind. Taking action to produce content was the challenge though, but once action is taken, that is, once you START doing something, the challenge doesn’t end up feeling as challenging as imagined.

A lot of times we don’t take action on important things because whether we realize it or not, we’re fearful of the challenge. But how would we actually know it’s going to be challenging when we haven’t even tried doing it yet?

My take on this is that challenges are very much related to our mindset, which is based on our belief system.

Imagine what life would be like if we believed nothing was impossible. What would our lives look like then? Maybe this kind of belief would motivate us to have no problems with taking the first step toward that possible destination. I read somewhere yesterday that success is a matter of taking one little step at a time. That’s how we reach our goals. That’s what successful people do.

If you put it that way, that all it takes is one little step at a time, then maybe the challenging things in the world that we live in are actually not challenging at all, because doing just ONE tiny step of something is SO doable. All you need to do is add up all these tiny steps until one day, voila! Goal accomplished.

What’s one “challenge” that has made you feel overwhelmed to the point where you haven’t even taken the first step? How about taking action by means of a baby step #1 today, even if it’s the teeniest tiniest baby step? Because even that is far better than being paralyzed by the fear and overwhelm of having to complete one HUGE project.

So what baby step will you take today to overcome that daunting challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

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