Top Posts From My First Year of Blogging

This is overdue because my first blog post was published on May 4, 2017. Today is May 29, 2018. Time really flies. And reflecting on what has happened in only one year is incredible.

Try it. Right now, think about what you were doing exactly one year ago, what your struggles were, where you were at in life – anything and everything.

It’s amazing to look back on your life and see how you got to where you are today, and what valuable lessons you’ve learned in the process.

As I reviewed my site stats I noticed that the most popular posts on my blog have been posts related to some of the biggest turning points of my life in the past year.

And it looks like the past year was characterized by variations of relationship and mental health challenges. That just happens to be my personal case, but yours may have had a different emphasis such as career or family situations.

My recommendation for your personal development: start a blog

It doesn’t have to be a public blog, but I believe it is important to regularly write down what’s going on in your life, or what realizations you’ve had based on such and such events. If you’re old school, journaling using a cute/hip notebook is also great. It just takes longer, and it’s easier for others to find your secrets.

On that note, here are the Top 10 Posts I’ve written in my very first year of blogging:

1. Eminem Improved My Mental Health

2. A Happy Ending?

3. Resetting My Life

4. The Effects of Maturity

5. Getting Out of My Depression Slump

6. How to Feel Motivated When You’re Feeling Down and Low Energy [PART 1 of 3]

7. Why There’s No Need to Worry About Anything

8. My 5-Minute Blog Post on Relationships

9. What Men Need

10. Figuring Out What I’m Good At To Make A Living

Some of the things in these posts are no longer that relevant to my life, and my view on certain things may have changed, such as what men need.

I also am thrilled that the 10th post is already beginning to be fulfilled! I feel like I’m finally living my dream. Well, getting there. 🙂




Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial whose life today looks very different from what it looked like a year ago. A year ago she was living by herself in an isolated studio where she often spent many days depressed and bedridden, unable to get up to go to work, because of her soon-to-be broken-off wedding engagement. A year later she finds herself happier than she ever was in her life, and does things she never thought she could do, like waking up early and going to the gym multiple times a week! Because of her personal experience, Amy hopes to inspire and encourage other young adults who may be in a seemingly perpetual funk, by sharing things she's found helpful in positively redirecting the trajectory of her life. She believes it's never too late to turn your life around, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark it may be at the moment.

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