You Are What You Believe You Are

The above picture was taken by me during my walk home after work today.

Ever since starting a new job last Tuesday, my schedule has gotten so much busier to the point where I now have a hard time keeping my inbox and notifications at my favorite number zero. And I’m starting to get used to it and even feeling a little bit okay seeing the red numbered circles popping out of a third of my apps.

Guess I’m not unemployed anymore. And there goes all my blogging time..

Or so I thought. The past week I could hardly find time to run errands, and I literally had to schedule in phone calls with friends to talk during my driving times.

In my last job I had a ton of free time that I used to work on blogging or doing personal reading and learning. Now I actually have to do work for all 8 hours at my new job.

So my dream of really working on and growing my blog business kind of came to a halt. Needless to say I was quite frustrated.

But like I mentioned in my last post about taking advantage of whatever your circumstances are, my new schedule got me thinking about how I can still do the things I want and need to do (e.g. showering, calling my health insurance about issues, doing my taxes.. ugh).

Today I’d like to say that you are what you believe you are. Which can also be translated, you can do whatever you believe you can do. And this has been my little epiphany of the week.

I don’t have the time now because I need to run out the door to buy cucumbers to make an avocado cucumber salad for my church small group dinner, which starts in 65 minutes ahh!

Basically my point is that you can literally accomplish anything if you believe you can. It may seem egotistical but I actually really believe that I can accomplish crazy things as long as I put in the work for it.

I believe I can grow this blog into a successful business.

I believe that I could go to Harvard medical school if I really wanted to.

I believe that I can be a morning person and have an awesome daily morning routine.

I believe I can learn any sport and be good at it too. Or become fluent in any language.

I don’t know where this mindset came from and I am surprised by this new unfamiliar confidence.

But do you get the idea?? I hope you do. If you want that dream job, then go do what you need to do to get it and you will get it.

I guess the catch is that you have to actually DO the work to get the results you want. But if you never believe you’re good enough to get your dream job, then you’re never gonna apply for it and therefore you will successfully fulfill your own prophecy.

Recently the New York Times invited college students and recent college grads to submit a writing piece so they can add more future contributors to “The Edit.” So I picked one of their writing prompts, typed up my 500 words, and emailed it to them for review.

Why did I actually go through with that? Well, because there was something in me that believed I had what it takes to be one of their contributors.

I just found out yesterday that they received over 20,000 submissions so they’re increasing the number of new contributors from 5 to some bigger unspecified number.

I still believe there’s a chance I could be chosen. And that sounds pretty insane and cocky. But what I’m trying to do here is to drive this point home for you so you can be inspired and motivated to just go and do whatever it is you’ve been putting off either because of your perfectionism or your self doubt or both.

Now I need to quickly buy and make my salad. Oh and by the way I started writing this post on my phone during my walk home from the train station after work and now I am sitting on my bed.

Don’t worry, I never look at my phone when I’m crossing the street. 🙂

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  • I have to agree with you – what you think you can accomplish really does depend on changing your mainframe and having a more positive outlook on life. I’ve struggled with it in the past, but I’m slowly becoming more confident about what I can achieve with hard work, dedication, and a bit of positivity.

    Keep on believing in yourself!

    • Yes, totally. I like that combination – hard work, dedication, and positivity. Hopefully “a bit” will increase to become “a lot” of positivity!