First Day of Work Recap

Yes today was my first day of work at my new job.

But I first had two back to back job interviews for other jobs in the morning before going to work. How did I pull that one off? Simple – just called my recruiter the day before and asked her if she could find out if going into work after lunch would be okay.

She did the contacting for me and it was a yes. Whew. It was getting stressful prior to the OK because even though I wasn’t working yet, there seemed to be a constant flow of potential job related things that would come up.

It made things confusing for me, like confusing to the point of overwhelm, irritability, and even anger that at a certain point (actually last night) all I wanted to do was scream to my heart’s content until all the pent up stuff in me was released. But I didn’t want to disturb the neighbors or my own dear family.

So to recap what my day looked like, this is what happened:

9am – 10:15am Interview #1 – I kind of didn’t do so well on my accounting/excel mini test but I was told that they liked my personality and character/work ethic…

-travel time-

11am-12pm Interview #2 on the other side of LA county overlooking the ocean – LOVED the office because of the view, but I was clear during the interview that I would not want to take the job because even though it was a decent position, there was absolutely NO opportunity for growth. Nope. Can’t do that.

-speed traveling to Trader Joe’s to grab food and granola bars-

12:30 – 5:30pm Work work work. And I liked being there. That’s a relief. To me one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing where to work is the vibe and setup of the office space. Since I sometimes can be more prone to depression than others, having enough lighting makes a huge difference to me. And since I hate being by myself all day for fear of loneliness, having people (cool people) around me makes a difference too.

-then drove in rush hour traffic (woohoo) to CVS pharmacy to pick up my medication (antidepressant). I had to pay like 25 bucks for it because my insurance decided it wouldn’t be effective until March 1st. Ugh.

-bought hot cheetos, spf oil free face lotion, new stud earrings because I lost my left earring this morning while washing my hair (so sad), new mascara, and bobby pins. I honestly don’t understand why and how all my bobby pins just disappear, even though they come in packs of like 50. Where do they go??

-finally drove home. started a phone call with one of my best friends that lasted over 2 hours, during which I had Chipotle for dinner that my mom and sister brought home. talked about job searching stuff a lot. and I’m not sure why I’m still writing in bold and without some capitalization.

Now I’m here typing up this blog post and having a sore throat. Uh oh. Thankfully I also purchase a DayQuil/NyQuil pack at CVS..

Not sure why, but after this whole day I feel like yelling/screaming at the top of my lungs again. SO. IRRITABLE. I’m sorry… I don’t want this to become a complaining diary blog. No. I won’t do that.

But I am writing my way through my personal journey hoping that maybe you guys will feel better and more encouraged that there is another person who is imperfect and has moods and frustrations and annoyances and pet peeves and irritability etc. and the list goes on.

Maybe I should have written a mental health post. Oh well.

Or maybe I just need to go to take some NyQuil and knock out until the morning. Or maybe I’m way too full, uncomfortably full, from dinner. I also think I’m thirsty so I should drink some water.

That’s all for tonight. I really need to figure out how I should schedule my time with my new job.

And since I don’t really have the liberty to scream right now, I will just sigh deeply until I go to bed. Good night.


Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial who loves all things personal development and is always trying to improve the quality of her life in the context of battling her clinical depression.

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