My second 5-minute post

Tonight I’m writing another short post but this time using my phone, so I probably won’t get to say too much. And it might take slightly longer than 5 minutes.

After receiving some feedback, it seems that some liked it when I posted on my blog every day, not necessarily after I’ve mastered something. I was told by someone that she enjoyed reading about what I go through as they happen. I guess there’s something to that – maybe it makes it easier for others to relate to and understand whatever I write about.

I start my new job on Tuesday. I was looking forward to it but somehow three other potential jobs came up. Not job offers (yet) but very promising. The three jobs are also more advanced and pay much better.

I have an interview tomorrow (Monday). An in person interview, followed by a phone interview, and I may or may not hear back from the third new possible job tomorrow. So what am I supposed to do if I start work on Tuesday?!

Time will tell. And I’m about to fall asleep now. 💤

Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial whose life today looks very different from what it looked like a year ago. A year ago she was living by herself in an isolated studio where she often spent many days depressed and bedridden, unable to get up to go to work, because of her soon-to-be broken-off wedding engagement. A year later she finds herself happier than she ever was in her life, and does things she never thought she could do, like waking up early and going to the gym multiple times a week! Because of her personal experience, Amy hopes to inspire and encourage other young adults who may be in a seemingly perpetual funk, by sharing things she's found helpful in positively redirecting the trajectory of her life. She believes it's never too late to turn your life around, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark it may be at the moment.

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