A Mini Case of Sunday Blues

Hey guys, so today I’m going to keep my post short because for the past two days my evening blogging sessions took way too much time and therefore my sleep schedule got all messed up, which made waking up really difficult. So I decided that won’t happen tonight. I am not a professional blogger at this point so I for sure do not have a beautifully organized monthly calendar with all my future blog posts planned out.

Maybe one day that will happen. For now I’m just winging it.

I’m not sure what happened, but when I was having lunch with my friends today I was having a great time with them and then suddenly a mini wave of this sad/lonely/homesick feeling decided to pay me a visit. But after a few minutes it left.

I am still trying to figure out what the source of this mini case of Sunday blues was. Very odd. At the same time though, the feeling was also somewhat familiar and reminded me of my difficult time in Boston last year.

I also hadn’t taken my antidepressant this morning.. and I need to go pick it up tonight right after posting this so that I can still responsibly take care of my health. Procrastination is a very real thing, especially when it comes to medication refills. I should have learned by now that I can’t always wait until all the pills have been consumed before going to the pharmacy.

Anyway, today when the mini blues came, I recognized the familiar feeling but I didn’t dwell on it or give it too much concern, since I was reminded of the blog post I wrote yesterday. Not being overly worried about something is so helpful. I’ve also learned through my experience over the past few years that such negative, uncomfortable feelings do not last forever, no matter how bad it feels.

After lunch today I also happened to stop by a CVS in attempt to pick up my medication but there were insurance complications (which is why I need to go back tonight), and since I was already there I bought myself a bag of hot cheetos and some ice cream. Not healthy, I know, but I wonder if there are still mental health benefits when consuming junk food or desserts, because these bad foods have the amazing power to make a person feel better.. at least temporarily.

That’s all I got for today. I will probably try to start blogging in the mornings from now on, unless I procrastinate. I just joined this Facebook group where everyone has to do this 30 day waking up at 5AM challenge and keep each other accountable, so I think I’ll being trying that out tomorrow.

Okay off to CVS I go.

Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial whose life today looks very different from what it looked like a year ago. A year ago she was living by herself in an isolated studio where she often spent many days depressed and bedridden, unable to get up to go to work, because of her soon-to-be broken-off wedding engagement. A year later she finds herself happier than she ever was in her life, and does things she never thought she could do, like waking up early and going to the gym multiple times a week! Because of her personal experience, Amy hopes to inspire and encourage other young adults who may be in a seemingly perpetual funk, by sharing things she's found helpful in positively redirecting the trajectory of her life. She believes it's never too late to turn your life around, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark it may be at the moment.

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