Why There is Always a Way to Success

“Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

We’ve all heard this idiom. It pretty much means that if you really want to achieve something, you can always find a way to accomplish it.

I got A’s, B’s, and C’s in my freshmen and sophomore year of high school. By my senior year I was taking five AP classes and getting straight A’s. Then I applied and got into a very good university. Granted, it wasn’t Harvard or Princeton, but UCLA is not the easiest school to get into either.

I once got a 13 out of 100 on a midterm in a UCLA math class. Yikes. Okay, in my defense, it was an upper division theory based course where all we did was prove theorems and such things as why zero is a real number… Uh.. because it’s a number and it’s real? Isn’t that enough proof???

Sorry, I hope that wasn’t offensive to any math scholars who might happen to be reading this post..

My overall grade for that math class was to be determined by only two grades: the midterm and the final. Obviously I did not understand what was going on before the midterm, but as finals week was approaching I willed to ace that math final.

Once my will was set with no compromise (no matter how I felt), I began to take action by spending a lot more time in the library than I was used to, going to office hours for extra math help, studying with classmates on a regular basis, and finding helpful online resources to help me understand what I was trying to prove (in terms of math).

Within a short period of time of intense and focused studying, things began to click, and before I knew it I was taking the final and acing it. And therefore I passed the class! Whew.

The point I was going to make was that despite my major midterm fail, I didn’t give up because I somehow ended up choosing to believe that there was a way to still pass this class by acing the final, and this also meant that I very much believed in my theorem-proving capabilities. I believed that I was fully capable of acing the final.

Once this kind of decision is made there HAS to be a tangible way to follow through and reach the goal. I know this requires a strong exercise of the will, and this may not come so naturally for everyone. But I hope that no matter what you would still give the strong will and belief of success thing a try. In doing so, I promise progress will be made in whatever you’re working towards.

I started this blog last year and did have some thought of eventually turning it into a thriving business, but I never acted on that thought because of all my self doubt hindering me from making any kind of progress.

Then this month I decided that I will be successful with my blog, and because of this decision, this determination, this choice, I set out to figure out how to bring that to fruition. I will say that this involved a good amount of investing in time, energy, and money.

My point is, I have a will. That’s the “where there’s a will” part. And having that will means having a certain kind of mindset. This kind of mindset is really the source of the “there’s a way” part. It’s the mindset where you see a very specific goal and believe (or decide to believe) wholeheartedly that you absolutely have the potential and capability in you to reach the goal, regardless of how long it will take. You have the full assurance that you WILL get the results you want. It WILL happen.

Since I majored in math here’s a nice little equation to go with the idiom. This “formula” is choice + mindset + action = success.

In case you didn’t notice, yes, I wrote this super late at night. It is now 12:56AM which is way past my bedtime. But I’m here working on my blog because I set it in my heart to publish a new post every day. I didn’t have time today (technically yesterday) until late evening, so here I am.

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