How to Get Up Early in the Morning

For the longest time aka pretty much my whole life it has been the biggest struggle for me to wake up early in the mornings, and I know this is something many of you guys have trouble with too.

Recently as a currently unemployed/job hunting adult living at home (no rent woohoo), I’ve been realizing more and more how necessary it is to maintain a structured, scheduled life, despite all the “free” time that seems to pass way too quickly.

So I started to take note of what has helped me wake up AND get up early in the morning, and also what kept me from getting up early. Here are 6 things I found that have actually worked for me:

1. Go To Sleep Early/On Time – This one is pretty self explanatory. If you really need a thorough explanation you can google it.

2. Find Something To Be Responsible For – Why did you wake up early to go to school every weekday from kindergarten all the way through your senior year of high school? Well, you really didn’t have a choice, because school is mandatory and therefore it was your daily responsibility to get to school.

This morning, I was responsible for helping my 11th grade sister with school work (instead of last night, because I didn’t want to stay up too late). Because I love her and understand the pressures of high school academia, and because my sister wouldn’t be able to finish her math homework if I didn’t help her, I felt 100% obligated to wake up early. And I did.

3. Plan A Morning Coffee/Breakfast Date – Okay, I have yet to do this one but a friend and I have been talking about grabbing coffee at 7AM this week.. which means it has to happen very soon because this week is pretty much almost over.
I actually did have coffee and breakfast a few times with a friend when I was living in Boston. That motivated me to get up earlier and also resulted in getting to work on time (I had punctuality problems because work was boring).

4. Exercise – I’m not saying you need to exercise in the early mornings, but I am saying that regular exercise really helps boost your overall energy level, as long as you don’t overdo it. Even 10 minutes a day can do a lot. Or 7 minutes! There was a period of time when I always felt tired and sluggish and it was a horrible feeling. Then eventually I started working out for 25 minutes, six days a week, following the BeachBody T25 schedule and after a while of doing that I felt so much better, got better sleep at night, and woke up with more energy.

Now as I am writing this I am also speaking to myself, because I should be exercising more than I have been..

5. Find Out What Wake-up Time Has the Highest Correlation to a Good Mood/Happiness – This one may sound a little abstract, but it turns out that your wake-up times can have quite an impact on your daily happiness. If you find out which wake-up time has the highest correlation to your mood (or happiness), then you might be more motivated in making it a habit to maximize your happiness. Even though you might not feel like setting an alarm, that early wake-up time might allow you to be more productive during the day and therefore in a better mood.

This was analyzed in detail in one of the Happiness Essays on Sleep at Tracking Happiness, in which the author, Hugo, analyzed his happiness at various wake-up times over a time interval of 3.5 years. The author observed that his happiness was significantly higher on days when he woke up between 7 and 8 AM. Also, having to set an alarm had no negative effect on his happiness, despite popular belief. There’s a quote that says that “happiness is not having to set an alarm for the next day.” I’m not sure how true this quote is, but the author of this Happiness Essay seems to prove this quote wrong. So there may be a chance that this quote doesn’t apply for you either.

Hugo is trying to shape his sleep rhythm in such a way that he will eventually be happier. And so can you, if you are willing to actively change and shape your own sleeping rhythm.

6. Read Articles/Listen To Podcasts/Watch Videos That Will Inspire You To Wake Up Early – Such as….
The 5 AM Miracle Podcast
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The Benefits of Rising Early

You get the idea. You can do more exploring on the internet if you want more inspiration.

Life update for those who care to know: I have another job interview today and a 2nd round interview for another job tomorrow! I’m pretty excited. 🙂

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