Jobless and Feeling Stuck

Recently I’ve been meeting new people on a weekly basis, usually friends of friends, and introducing myself has been interesting and somewhat humbling/embarrassing, if I would say so myself. At least when I was still living on the east coast I could say something a little bit “fancy” when I told people I worked in quality assurance and then described what it was exactly that I did at work.

Being unemployed is different, because it’s not so cool to make an unimpressive first impression.

So what I’ve been telling people is, “I’m in transition right now. I was working in Boston but then I decided to move back to LA because Boston just wasn’t for me, so now I’m looking for a new job here.”

Not too bad right?

But sometimes I just want to tell people that actually, you should be really impressed that I’m enjoying my life and living a normal life albeit a jobless one, because I actually moved back to LA after my ex-fiance in Boston decided we should break up, and I went through hell and major depression and was living by myself and then within a very short period of time had to deal with breaking my lease and getting someone else to take over, giving away pretty much all my belongings including huge furniture, quitting my comfortable job, packing my life away when nothing in me felt like doing anything……

Okay, enough vindicating myself.

People who know me well have told me not to be so hard on myself, because I’ve been going through a lot, and I’m still young and have the rest of my life to work and be tied down. I agree, but I cannot help but feel the increasing sense of urgency to seriously get my whole life together before I turn 30.

The problem with my job search has been that I qualify for the jobs that I don’t want and I don’t have enough experience for the jobs I DO want. So should I just settle for a job I’m overqualified for? Maybe I could, but if I want to work somewhere long term, say 2+ years, I would really hope that I wouldn’t be bored to death every day. I’d honestly prefer to have a job where I don’t know what I’m doing because that would force me to learn and perfect new skills quickly. That means growth.

Granted, it has only been less than 2 months since quitting my last job and moving. But then again, it’s already been 2 months. Multiply that by 6 and then you have a year.

On a positive note, a guy friend of mine who I used to have a major crush on recently told me, “You’re a smart girl. You’ll be fine.” Somehow those words have been comforting these days. Haha. Anyway…

Even though I’m still in this feeling-stuck process wondering when I’ll land something fulfilling enough to give my life to for the next 1-2 years or more, I did stumble across a few things online that I thought I might share.

Working From Home: One consideration I’ve had is working remotely, aka telecommuting jobs. That way I’d be able to work my job around my life, rather than working my life around my job. But I’m still considering and exploring this unfamiliar territory. In the meantime check out this site that seems to be very legit with all these telecommuting job postings. I was redirected to this site via a Forbes article on working from home. And all of this got me thinking about the whole world of blogging for a living and I still don’t know if that should even be something for me to think about. Right now blogging is just a “hobby” of mine and I have no idea how this could even turn into a source of income.

Forfeiting Work to Study Instead: This is another option. Or maybe finding a part-time job I’m overqualified for while taking classes to learn new skills so that hiring managers would actually see that I am a skilled person with a lot of potential. But this would mean spending more money that I probably don’t have enough of, and delaying paying off my undergraduate student loans and somehow still needing to pay for all my other bills – car, car insurance, health insurance, credit cards….

I’m still in the middle of this whole process, but I think that blogging about it will help motivate me to actually make things HAPPEN. Otherwise this blog would be an embarrassment because I’m supposed to be a millennial who is constantly learning and improving my adult life, and this is supposed to benefit all those who read my blog.

Next Mini Step: I realize that much of my lack of progress in this job search thing is my lack of having a regular schedule. People (including myself) tell me that looking for a job IS a full-time job in itself, which really means I should be up and running at around 8 or 9am and ending my “workday” around 5pm before calling it a day. This requires quite a bit of self discipline – but if there’s a will there’s a way, right? That being said, I will figure out a regular daily schedule for myself and share it with you guys hopefully in my next post, as I figure out what works and what doesn’t work, and if my 27-year-old life is actually going anywhere.

In the meantime if anyone reading this wants to hire me, feel free to reach out. 😛


Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial who loves all things personal development and is always trying to improve the quality of her life in the context of battling her clinical depression.

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