What if there’s no time?

No time for what? I’m talking about just things in general. Responsibilities. Errands on your to-do list. That song you’ve been wanting to record for the past six months. That bed you’re supposed to make every morning when you get up. No time to text friends and loved ones. No time for FaceTime. No time for exercise. No time for fill in the blank.

I’m still working through this dilemma as I write this post, hoping that writing a little about it will somehow make manifest a hidden truth in me that I haven’t found the words for.

So I was just now diligently working on writing a cover letter for this job I really want. I hate writing cover letters because I spend so much time tailoring each one to each specific job, and more often than not I never hear back from them.

But it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. Life is still good. I am alive and breathing, and I have a home to live in and a car to drive and a dog who loves me and follows me around the house.

Okay what is my point here.. oh right. Having no time. So I was working on my cover letter, which has taken up a lot of time since I actually want this job. I had been planning to write more blog posts but I kept putting it off because somehow it would be the end of the day and there would be no more time to sit down and publish a blog post.

For some reason tonight I saw the time ticking away, and still no new blog post. I had to finish these applications and especially this important cover letter that I’m being a perfectionist about.

And then dinner time called for someone to cook. My mom is out of town so that cook had to be me. Then there’s the rummaging through the fridge to find healthy ingredients so that I don’t kill myself and my younger sister from all the hot cheetos and desserts we’ve eaten since I moved back home almost two months ago.

Wow, it has been two months already since my cross country re-relocation post breaking off serious relationship aka returning a diamond ring to a guy who I realized I was not compatible with. But more on that later, maybe.

So dinner making and giving my dog dinner and plating the food and cleaning up… whew. I am not ready to be a mom yet. Good thing I’m not married yet.

My point is, TIME. All these little things add up and then before you know it it’s the end of the week, the end of the month, the end of the year – wow where did the year go and how am I now a 27-year-old with a university degree and other things, and wow I have no idea how I got here.

With all the responsibilities in life, with all the unexpected detours and left fielders showing up without warning, there is just too much STUFF to do. And our lives, really, just consist of stuff – one activity after another, day after day.

Time is short. Time is limited. We can never get time back. It keeps on going and doesn’t wait for us so sometimes we have to play some major catch up.

How did I end up writing this blog post?

Well, I recall that this past week I’ve been obsessed with this singing app called Smule and have spent hours upon hours on it (I love singing btw). But somehow I couldn’t write a blog post or finish washing the dishes.

So…. maybe there IS time for everything we want AND need to do. If we want it, we will make the time, and we will realize how ridiculously much we can accomplish things even in a short period of time. You can even do a lot in two minutes, or 30 seconds. The time is there, but we have to grasp the opportunities, the fleeting moments. And there are many moments.

Having verbalized (in writing) the above stream of consciousness, I guess I can say now that actually, there is time to blog. There is even time to blog every day if I really wanted to. There is also time to clean up my room… and this is a good reminder to myself.

HOWEVER, despite everything I just wrote about, I can give particular examples/personal experiences of situations that did not allow for the fulfillment of everything mentioned in this post. DAHH. And my fingers don’t want to type anymore and my brain is telling me to finish that cover letter because it cannot believe how long this post is.

Maybe I’ll write about the “however” experiences another time, because I learned some valuable lessons during those times. Or maybe I’ll get sidetracked and write about something else. We shall see.


Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial residing in Los Angeles, California. She's a little obsessed with personal development and is always learning and figuring out how to maximize her productivity without burning out. She believes a fulfilling and stress-free lifestyle is achievable for everyone.

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