Waking Up Early Challenge

Today I watched this TED Talk on how waking up at 4:30am can change your life. Here is the video.

I am incredibly intrigued by the idea of waking up (and getting up) at 4:30, and to see what my life would look like after getting into this habit to the point where it’s just on autopilot.

If a human being like Filipe Castro Matos can do it, a human being like you and me can do it too. Right.

So I decided to take on this early rising challenge (ahhhh!) for 21 days which sounds crazy, but that was the challenge other people did last year, #21earlydays. I’m just a little bit late to the game.

It’s already 9:24pm so I really should start getting ready for bed then. Maybe 4:30 is too early (yes, it really is), so I’ll push back the time to….5:30. Sounds good. Okay, so let’s begin Day 1……. What am I getting myself into….

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