Practicing Self-Employment

Whether or not this blog ever turns into an actual business is not entirely up to me, but one thing I do know is that I have the intention of using this blog as a means for me to help develop various skills, including discipline and commitment. This involves doing things even when I don’t feel like doing them, and honestly, that’s one of the biggest things I struggle with.

So I decided to treat my whole online blog world (and all that is attached to it) as my self-employed work, for no pay with the exchange of learning hopefully valuable life lessons. That is why right now, as my fiance is sitting next to me studying his intense graduate school material, I am giving myself “work” to do from myself as my own boss: write a blog post.

I call this a “practice” because that’s how I look at this exercise. Yes I had this great idea that I would seriously experiment with this whole blogging/online entrepreneur thing, but no I did not at all have the desire to come up with another topic to talk about today. That’s where I’m learning to train myself to still do it anyway, knowing that nothing can ever be accomplished in the long run if this hard lesson is never learned. Why do I wake up earlier than I would like every weekday morning? Because I have to go to work, and I have no choice, and if I don’t show up to work, I won’t have food to eat or a place to live.

Does it always have to be that hard though?

My fiance was trying to encourage me to continue taking online finance classes so I can advance my career in the finance world.. he’s probably right, and it seems most practical, especially since blogging is only just a new hobby for me than anything (granted, I’m still treating it like “work” since writing has never been a favorite past time of mine.. like, ever).

Perhaps I will come up with some sort of structured weekly plan/schedule that can incorporate both my blogging “job” and my finance studies. Once I figure out a balanced schedule that works, I can share my schedule in a future post.

Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial whose life today looks very different from what it looked like a year ago. A year ago she was living by herself in an isolated studio where she often spent many days depressed and bedridden, unable to get up to go to work, because of her soon-to-be broken-off wedding engagement. A year later she finds herself happier than she ever was in her life, and does things she never thought she could do, like waking up early and going to the gym multiple times a week! Because of her personal experience, Amy hopes to inspire and encourage other young adults who may be in a seemingly perpetual funk, by sharing things she's found helpful in positively redirecting the trajectory of her life. She believes it's never too late to turn your life around, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark it may be at the moment.

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  • Found your blog on the Smart20s email! Enjoyed reading the post- self motivation is so hard! It’s something I regularly struggle with. I like your idea of treating blogging like work, I’m impressed, that discipline will definitely benefit you in the long run:)