Climbing Out of the Hole of Ignorance

First of all, I found this free groundhog picture online and think it’s so cute and ugly at the same time, and it also fits my title quite well, if I say so myself.

According to, the word ignorant means “uninformed; unaware.” I can related to this definition. I’m not sure what happened, but growing up I was never the most informed U.S. citizen. Call me American, or, who knows. I personally don’t really understand the concept that Americans are ignorant, because from my observation, all my co-workers and the ones I interact with seem to always know what’s going on in the world, and it’s like second nature for them to jump right into a conversation about whatever current event you can name.

Maybe it’s because for the longest time my family didn’t have cable, and then didn’t watch TV altogether. Maybe it’s because I had a phase where I became overly religious about pretty much everything and didn’t feel like I should immerse myself in constantly negative news. Or, maybe the whole “ignorance is bliss” idea was simply appealing to me. Yes, I do like bliss. But years later, I find myself frustrated when I feel behind and utterly uninformed about the world situation. So then I try to read up on news, but find that reading some articles is like reading another language, each topic having its own unique set of jargon. It’s not like I didn’t try; I just did not enjoy the feeling of being behind on current events and constantly having to play catch up.

Though once content about being ignorant, at a certain point I found myself more interested in what was going on in the world, in knowing about the events that would soon become history.

One day, a good friend of mine that I’ve known since high school told me about theSkimm and that changed everything. I’m probably behind on finding out about theSkimm too, but I’m fine with that, because now I know. It’s been great catching up on news every morning with their easy to understand daily emails giving you just the right dose of information you need to stay informed. Sometimes the emails will break down complicated information into an easier read, and even provides basic background info in case you weren’t aware of things before. So helpful for a noob like me.

So, that’s one more thing Amy has learned in her twenties. Keeping up with current events is interesting and not hard to do when provided with the right resources.

Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial who loves all things personal development and is always trying to improve the quality of her life in the context of battling her clinical depression.

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