Update on My Morning Routine

This is an update about my morning routine that I’ve been trying to establish and work into my daily life. In short, it’s starting to work and it’s getting easier to maintain, and each day it gets tweaked a little bit based on what worked and what didn’t work.

To start off, right before I go to sleep, when I’m already in bed, I write down in list form what my routine for the next morning will look like. Okay to be honest, I just started this practice two nights ago, but it’s worked so far.. As I’ve said before, I’m learning as I go. Two nights ago, I wrote down what my morning routine would be for the next day, knowing that it would be imperfect but at least I had something more concrete to follow. I wrote my morning routine in my cute “Coffee then Adulting” notebook that I got from TJ Maxx (did I mention I’m in love with TJ Maxx?).

The next morning, I followed the written routine, and I would write down the times that I started next to each activity, so by the time I completed it, I had a good feel for how long it generally takes me to do various things – what took longer than expected, what didn’t take as long as expected, etc. One of the things on my list was “morning revival,” which for others may be translated as meditation, or something of the sort. For me it’s a time that can be quite calming and refreshing, and it’s a spiritual time which includes some prayer. I had originally planned for 10 minutes of morning revival, but when actually practiced in the morning, I realized 10 minutes wasn’t enough time to feel adequately revived. So that night, I planned for a longer morning revival time for the following morning – I don’t have my notebook with me right now but I believe I had changed it to 15 minutes.

I think you get the idea of my method – planning, doing, adjusting, and repeat. This morning worked out better than yesterday morning, and that was my expectation. And this morning, as I was going about doing my routine, I noticed that at a certain point I got quite sleepy, so I decided to switch the order of a couple things. Since it was getting hard to stay awake before my routine was even over, I moved up “stretching” to that very point in time when I began to feel sleepy. And stretching (which ended up including a few minutes of light exercise – arms, abs..) did the trick to help wake me up again. So at this point it looks like stretching will take place before morning revival.

Overall, I think this way of figuring out a morning routine that works for me is working well. I’ve also been doing something similar for my evening routine. Pretty much same idea.

Sorry I’m not revealing my current morning routine in this post. The real reason for this is that I’m not home so I can’t remember the exact details, but I’m not going to wait to finish this post when I go home.

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