I love my home. Why? Because it makes me happy. Why does it make me happy? Because I arranged it just the way I like. How do I know what I like? Hm. Good question. Well I guess you either like something or you don’t.

Backtracking a little bit, what is my home? What I’m writing about now is not related to cliche sayings like “home is where your heart is.” I’m literally talking about the actual place in which I live. Currently, my home is a bedroom. I’ve been renting a bedroom in a big house. I share a bathroom with another girl, who rents the other extra bedroom. And we get to use the family’s kitchen and living area whenever we want. It’s actually a pretty good deal. But the only part of that house that I truly consider home is MY bedroom. It’s MINE. And recently, ever since I decided to really take steps towards getting my adult life together, I cannot tell you how much of a positive impact my room has had on me. It’s not that there’s anything spectacular about my room in and of itself. Rather, it’s how I arranged the things in my room to make it a place where I look forward to returning to every single day, and I’m not exaggerating. I love my room – every day, as soon as I come home and open the door of my room, I’m immediately made more happy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a room that made me feel that way before. It’s a wonderful feeling.

It took some steps to getting to where my room is today, for it to become a place where I can repose and feel at ease all the time. Well, maybe 99% of the time. But that’s still pretty good. Sometimes because I love how homey and cozy and refreshing my room is, it’s hard for me to go downstairs to eat dinner or get other things done, because no where else in the house gives me that kind of joy… I mean, the family I live with is great, and they have 3 adorable little kids, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t take the same approach as I did in arranging things in the house. I also don’t feel like I have the liberty to try to impose my ways on them, and therefore my room will most likely remain the only one I enjoy spending time in when I’m in this particular house.

You’re probably wondering by now what it is that makes my room so special. Well, first of all I have to give credit to Marie Kondo, who is probably the world’s tidiest woman. If you still don’t know about, ask your good friend Google. I’m feeling quite exhausted right now actually so having to explain a concept in detail is not exactly what I want to be doing right now… (you’re right, at least I showed up to write this post). I know some of the things she talks about has some Shinto influence, but I don’t let that get to me. I believe that there is a lot you can learn from successful people, regardless of what beliefs they may have. Even if I don’t agree with certain things they promote, I still recognize that there are certain principles behind what they’ve learned through experience, and I can always benefit from being educated on such principles.

Anyway, I digress.. What has helped me the most with the KonMari method is the question, “Does this spark joy?” Essentially the idea is that everything you own would be something that makes you happy, or “sparks joy.” So I began to go through my things, item by item, and if say, I look at a shirt and it doesn’t bring me joy, then it would go into a donation bag. Marie Kondo stresses over and over again that the key to success when tidying your living space is to do it all at once, rather than a little bit every day, and to organize category by category, not room by room (in my case I only have one room, which helps keep things simple). I started with my clothes, and I’ve completed this category. So now I only own clothing that “spark joy.” That might mean that either I actually wear them or even if I don’t wear something often, it still makes me happy.

I’ve also been falling in love with TJ Maxx – I know, random. But ever since I rediscovered it during one of my lunch breaks, I’ve been revisiting the store quite frequently. The prices are just SO good, and the things are SO cute! And because of this whole KonMari obsession that I’ve been having, I’ve been using that as a good excuse to purchase items that I really really like. For example, I bought a fake real-looking green leafy plant for ten bucks and it instantly made my room feel more refreshing after placing it on the ledge of one of the windows. And when the sun shines through the window, the fake plant is even more beautiful.

One key item in my bedroom that makes it super cozy is a large rug I got from Craigslist, barely used, like new, classy, and good for lots of floor sitting, or for lying down on the floor/rug while I work on my 1000 piece puzzle of Cinque Terre, Italy. Puzzles, by the way, make me sooo happy. I’ve loved them ever since I was a toddler. My mom said I had a 100 piece Little Mermaid puzzle that I would do over and over again when I was three.

I digress again. I’d like to wrap up this post so that it’s not unbearably long. In brief, my room now is simple, not cluttered (not even inside the dresser and closet), oh and my bed is really comfortable. with a few different-sized pillows and my coral super-fuzzy blanket that I use as my “fitted sheet” and a nice plush light blue blanket that I use as an actual blanket.

I feel that I don’t have anything in excess, and I really believe that this has a huge affect on my inward condition. In fact, when I recall my own personal experience, I would say that most of the time, the tidiness or messiness of my room is a pretty accurate reflection of my inner being. Less outward clutter helps with decluttering what’s inside.

I love waking up to my personalized, simple yet stylish, decluttered room. And I love reading in my room right after I wake up and right before I go to sleep. And I love going to sleep in my room.

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