My new favorite blogger is Sam Brown, a 26-year-old perfectionist from Australia who has successfully learned to live a life that is not hindered or limited by her perfectionism. Every day I look forward to reading what she writes, or hearing what she has to say on her YouTube videos, which are lengthy, unedited, and consistently posted every single day – she’s my role model for overcoming the perfectionist complex that has stopped me from getting so many things done with my all-or-nothing attitude. By default, perfectionists cannot complete a task without feeling the need to make it perfect. As soon as there’s a feeling of overwhelm or doubt, they easily just drop the whole task altogether, to avoid the possibility of doing something imperfectly. So I really appreciate how Sam realized this problem and figured out another approach to override her perfectionism. I can’t remember the details of everything she said but I can still share my thoughts in response to the things I’ve read on her blog, mixed with ideas I’ve gathered based on my own personal experience.

Sam’s YouTube channel is really concept shattering for me because unlike others who have made it big in the YouTube world (she’s still up and coming by the way..), she doesn’t edit her videos. They are what they are, just her talking, nothing spectacular, but I feel like I’m just listening to a friend talk to me in a normal way. It’s not super professional or anything, but because she knew that her all-or-nothing tendency would prevent her from ever posting up a completed video, she just posts them and that’s that. As a result, she’s been cranking out one video after another, and I’m so thankful for that! When I find someone that I find worthy to spend my time learning from or listening to, the more information from that person I can get, the better!

So, as you might have noticed from my previous post, I followed the example of my fellow perfectionist and took to heart the principles I’ve gathered from her. As you can see, my last blog post was imperfect, incomplete, and kind of all over the place, and kind of just went off on a tangent, sort of. But that’s okay. How about let’s just call it… art? There’s no one telling me what a blog post is supposed to look like anyway, except for the perfectionism in me, but that perfectionism makes it difficult for me to complete anything without giving up too early. Therefore, here I am, writing this blog post, because my goal is not to produce the best blog ever but rather, it is to practice the skill of habit building. If I can accomplish building up one consistent habit, then I’d like to believe that any habit I desire to have is within my grasp.

If you’re like me, maybe there are many many things you’d love to incorporate into your life – many ideal habits, like waking up early, exercising, reading more books, journaling, learning a new language, going to bed early, and this list can go on indefinitely…

Honesty I don’t feel like writing this post right now, but I’m encouraged by Sam to not let the sneaky question “Do I feel like it?” get in the way of living the life I want to live. I believe the day I learned to not do things based on how I feel will be the day when I’m living the way I’ve been wanting to live for so many years. But in the meantime, I will just be thankful for where I’m at right now at this point in time, simply being open to learning, because my life is not over yet and there’s still hope!

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