Why did I decide to blog? I’m not fully sure but I have some ideas. I think I have the ground to share some things I’ve learned because being the sensitive soul that I am, I’ve realized that I sometimes, perhaps very often, notice things that others may not notice. I believe that some of the struggles I’ve experienced in life give me some ground to say that I can relate to many people who have had some serious rough times, or who have lost hope in themselves because of “lack of discipline” to carry out what they need to do to BE who they aspire to be. Perhaps I can relate to many people, but maybe I’m being presumptuous. Maybe what I share will only benefit those who are more similar to someone like me, a person full of aspirations, full of ambitions and interests – a perfectionist, perhaps – a perfectionist and strong willed person who lived most of her life not knowing or understanding the “weight” that fought so hard against all the hard work she tried to do: the weight of depression. Anyway, I’m not about to write a depressing first blog post, so let’s keep this one light and happy! 😀

I believe that I have learned many real life lessons, many practical and useful tips that I’ve gradually incorporated into my daily [adult] life, which really only started a few months ago. Before that I always lived under someone else’s roof and/or had other people feed me and take care of my finances.

I hope that many of my “life hacks,” or however you want to call them, will be of benefit to whoever stumbles across my page. I feel like I’ve learned many normal, practical, basic human skills the hard way, by trial and error, sometimes just by being thrown into an unknown situation on my own (after not listening to all the advice and words of wisdom my mom gave me when I lived with her).

I also want to use this blog as a way to motivate and inspire myself to be the useful person that I’ve always wanted to be, before I get old and it’s too late to have a “new start.” One thing for sure is that I still have a lot of maturing to do, still have A LOT of adult things to learn (e.g. filing my own taxes…), and yeah… I need help. But I’m also proud of the recent progress I’ve made in my personal life, with my overall well-being during what I felt was the most difficult transition period in my life, which I will not get into detail about.

Well, I guess that was my very first general blog post. I’m a newbie but it’s ok. We’re all learning together. As I explore many of my interests, thoughts, adulting tips, etc., I hope to share the most useful insights and tips on this site. I guess that’s why I called it “Learn With Amy.” Until next time…


Author: Amy

Amy Lo is a millennial who loves all things personal development and is always trying to improve the quality of her life in the context of battling her clinical depression.

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